I am very passionate about making sure individuals really dig deep, reach down and grab their full potential and live it with a sense of purpose. I have had the pleasure of working with organisations internationally and individuals internationally and three key elements keep popping up that I feel are the blockers towards success.

The first one is a lack of clarity of where we want to get to. So many of my clients come to me and they tell me they want to change and they want to get somewhere but they don’t actually know where it is they want to get to. I would say it is a bit like getting inside of your car and driving around for two hours aimlessly, wasting a load of fuel, because you simply do not know where you want to get to. So what was the point in driving around anyway? So I would say have a sense of vision and have a sense of where you want to get to. Throw away all of the obstacles in your mind and imagine that you are the director of your own film. Where would you like to see yourself in five years time? Ten years time? Do this in as much detail as possible by allowing your creative juices to flow and really understand where it is you want to get to.

The second block is a lack of belief in themselves. Whether this is within an organisation or as an individual, so when they look at other people or other organisations that are successful they will make excuses as to why they are successful and not them. ‘They have more money than us, he or she is cleverer than I am, they were born with a silver spoon, they can talk to people better than us, they have a network and resources that I do not have.’ These are just beliefs that are holding you back that have no sense of evidence behind them. Most of the time I am able to destroy that belief within minutes because it simply has no evidence to hold it up. So believe in yourselves. Have an absolute belief that you have a whole amount of untapped potential inside of you that you can rely upon and that you can allow to flourish to get to where you want to get to. Have a sense of self belief.

Finally you can have the laser sharp focus and an absolute belief and rock solid strength in yourself but still not experience success. So I ask my clients, what action are you taking? It’s great to have this belief in yourself and it’s great to have this laser sharp focus of where you want to get to, but what action are you taking? Are you taking any action and are you taking the right action? Is the action you are taking on a day to day basis supporting the ultimate vision of where you want to get to? If you are not taking the right action then how on earth do you expect anything around you to flourish?

So understand where you want to get to and have a clear vision. Have a sense of belief and take massive action towards your destination. Try these three things and watch your lives change. Watch the performance within your organisation change. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen.