For me Inner Leadership is no more than this – before you can start leading other people you need to master the art of leading yourself. It is so fundamentally important that you need to be able to lead yourself and become a leader within your own right. Lead the conversations that are going on inside your head. Master the art of being the authentic you. Know your value systems. Know yourself at a deeper level and then come into the world as an authentic leader.

I once came across a guy who hugely impressed me with his resilience. He was telling me he had been for so many promotion boards. He had been for nine promotions consecutively for nine years and it was on the tenth promotion board he finally got promoted. You had to hand it to this guy! Nine promotion boards! How many people would have given up after one … two… three… four? I know people in my police service who gave up after three promotion boards. Just couldn’t get through a promotion and they gave up thinking ‘clearly they do not want me, clearly this is not for me, clearly I haven’t got the skills.’ This guy however carried on and that, for me, showed he was resilient.

Similarly I was having a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur and we were asking ourselves the question, why is it that some people experience success, whereas others who started around the same time, who talk the same language, do not see the same level of success? Why is that?

The only thing I could out it down to is something that I practise fundamentally in myself and these are the three C’s. These are my special three C’s. Firstly that you are CONCERTED in your effort; that means you are laser sharp focused on what it is that you are doing and where that is going to take you. It is in alignment with your goals. You are laser sharp focused. You do not allow yourself to be distracted from that task.

The second C is that you are CONSISTENT. You are consistent. Everything that you do is consistent with the goal that you want to achieve. When you are inconsistent then you are only going to get little peaks and troughs of success. Surely what you want is a steady line of success gradually growing and consistently growing forward. For you.

The final C is that you are CONSTANT. Don’t become one of these people who become incredibly busy one week and then do very little the next week and end up wondering why nothing is happening for you. To be constant is to develop good habits in your journey towards your goal.

So the three C’s – CONCERTED, CONSTANT and CONSISTENT. These are my three non-negotiable keys to success.