Have you got a vision in your life? Have you got a dream you want to achieve? What is it? How big is it? Most importantly, do you feel you are moving towards it every single day?  Mahatma Gandhi once said that, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single footstep.”  In essence, every great dream is achieved when we take tiny steps towards it every single day – constantly and consistently. I believe, that the journey of a thousand miles is made up of single footsteps. It is about living a life of purpose on purpose.

I have a huge vision in my life. My mission statement that I cannot get out of my head is that I want to change the world through the transformation of people.

Human Beings are only using 6-7% of our mind power and our potential at any one time. We are operating way below our capability. I have always asked myself this question – ‘What if everyone in the world or a significant majority of the world were accessing 10% or even 15% of their mindset at any one time?’

Just imagine if they were all dipping into that infinite pool of potential. What could the world look like? How different would the world be? Would it be a better world? Would we begin to appreciate each other more? Would we be able to share more and ensure there is some level of equality and mutual understanding at a global level?

I think we would. I believe that if we were able to tap into that deeper power within us, it would cause us to realise things we cannot see now because we are hypnotised by our cultural societal expectations.

When you start to tap into that deeper power, you start to realise how connected we all are and how connected the world is and how powerful we can all become.

So that is my vision and mission and, because is so strong within my mindset, I am consistently and constantly working at it to take it to the next level. I am talking to people, I am creating products, I am creating programmes, I am learning and growing every single day; I am connecting and collaborating all the time. I move forward steadily in the knowledge that my actions are taking me towards my strategic intention – my ultimate goal.

Now, that confidence does not come from a place of ego but from a deeper place, it comes from a place of knowing that any vision that you might have, the level of feeling and passion that you have for that vision or goal is your fuel. This is the energy we need to make the journey towards that vision. That fuel comes from our sense of purpose and how big our ‘WHY’ is.

The additional ingredient that you need to get there is action. Our action, if properly aligned to our vision can lead to the outcomes that we desire.

Joel A Barker once said that ‘A vision without action is merely a dream and vision with action can change the world’.

If you have a vision vision, spend some time to truly understand it in all of its glory. Ask yourself why you want to achieve it. Is your desire strong enough? Do you feel impassioned by it?

With inspired action, consistent with your ‘dream’ you too could change the world.