For the last few days I have been noticing a word that has been going around on various pieces of social media and one or two people have also mentioned this word to me. Now I love this word, it is authenticity. It really got me thinking, what does it mean to be authentic? Where does it come from? What is a journey of authenticity?

You see to be more authentic to me means to be heart centred and come from the essence of you. Our minds are enslaved by this physical world in which we live. Whereas our hearts, our intuition, our gut instinct that we have, we have a much more deeper awareness and we come from a different place altogether.

The journey of authenticity for me is this, quite simply when we come into this world we are pure, we are full of wonder and we have no concept of knowledge. As time goes on we accrue knowledge don’t we, we listen to our parents, we are given certain conditioning by our parents, by our friends, by our teachers, by our work colleagues as we get older and of course we cannot forget the overriding media; whether that’s social media, media through the tabloids or through the television etc. Now all of this is filling us with new knowledge, but knowledge from the perception of others and knowledge that is the only knowledge that we have at this moment in time. So we aspire to this knowledge, we gage ourselves in this knowledge and we condition ourselves to measure ourselves against this knowledge. We stop being authentic because we are measuring ourselves against something that isn’t ours.

But the great news is as we get older, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs demonstrates this in terms of self actualisation, you start to look at the world again. You start re-evaluating your position. You start understanding a newer knowledge. This is the point that I call the rebirth. Now we in society call it a midlife crisis and we seem to put all sorts of negative connotations or interpretations on it. But for me this is a rebirth and this is an opportunity for us to wake up and see the world as it is and live in the world by our standards; to form new values and new beliefs and to set a new standard.

So here is a test – what is your standard? What are you going to measure yourself against? Are you going to be the person you were yesterday that was measuring themselves against the rest of the world? Or are you going to be the person who only measures yourself against you? Just try to be 2mm better than the person you were yesterday and in 100 days those 2mm will take you to a whole new destination.