Now if anybody knows me well you will know that I am all about mindset and taking action. Mindset whether it comes to your personal or mindset issues, mindset when it comes to your personal growth or mindset when it comes to your businesses. Now I coach people in so many different areas but the biggest area I guess of my coaching clients is business clients. While this is not just for business clients what I do find with business clients is that they really struggle to get on top of their business.

They spend so much time and energy inside of their business rather than lifting themselves and strategically looking at their business and working on their business. I find clients who tell me that their business is not having the necessary performance that they would desire, the outcome, the profit or they are not finding it rewarding enough and that their business has platoed or going backwards.

Now more often than not what it takes to change your circumstances, whether it is in business or your life, is a change of mindset. If you think in a different way then you will get different results, you behave differently and obviously different behaviour is going to lead to different outcomes. But whatever behaviour we are talking about it is always preceded by mindset and what I want to do is show you how to move your focus away from those key roadblocks that we all have when it comes to mindset.

These concepts that I am passionate about discussing and these strategies that I teach, I do these on myself on a very regular basis to make sure that I am an A game player, to make sure that I am on top of my game, to make sure that my business is going exactly in the direction that I want it too. To make sure that my relationships and my personal life is exactly where it needs to be. So I apply these principles equally to my life and I want to share these principles with you because I know it will have a profound effect on your business and your life going forward.

So what are the initial steps that you can take to start changing your mindset? So many people I know are perfectionists and they will wait until something is exactly how they want it to be before they move on to the next step so I want to explain to you the obstacle that is the ultra perfectionist; when you want something just right, when actually you could do it slightly less in order to move forward. So don’t make that perfectionism an obstacle.

Jim Rohn once said we become the average of the five people whose company we keep most. I live by that, I am so conscious of the company that I keep. I also within the company I keep I make sure I am not surround by naysayers; people who tell me something cannot be done, people who have a negative energy that takes energy away from me. People who get me to doubt myself and doubt my dream and if I come across those people then I listen politely to what they have to say and I take it for what it’s worth. I know what my dream is and I know with a level of concrete certainty that where I am going in life and what I want to accomplish is achievable.

Sometimes you can feel very overwhelmed and I want to address this with you; how to deal with those feelings of being overwhelmed by so much that is going on around you because trust me in life and business, the more successful you become and the more successful your life is then the more things that will unfold around you.

So many of us start our lives off or our journeys off with a dream, but also so many of us continue to dream and don’t take action. Another key area that I teach is how to take action and how to move on from your dreams, put your dreams to the test and make them a reality. While doing that you will perform best when you are enjoying the journey.

Finally, in businesses like with myself; I work for myself and by myself with other people and very often you will find me alone in my office doing the kind of stuff that I am doing now and in order for me to operate at this level I need to be accountable to somebody. I always say it is so important to have a coach in your life so you are accountable to that coach because that coach will make sure you are doing your homework in whichever area of your life that is. I have three coaches in my life; I have one for my coaching as a coach myself, I have one for my business and I have one for my fitness and my health. All three of these people hold me to account and you to account but ultimately the person that holds you to account more than anybody is yourself. So I like to share from experience how you can be much more accountable with yourself and build some principles around accountability because that is the only way you are going to start taking action and moving forward step by step.

Let me leave you with this thought. Mahatma Ghandi once said every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. The most important step you might take today is allowing me to take you through these mindset principles and support you on your road to success and fulfillment. Take the action and reach out to me.