As a coach to watch a client grow is very powerful and fulfilling. I feel very blessed to be in a position where people allow me into their lives and become part of their success story. Today I want to share one of those stories with you as one day this could well be your story.

A little over two years ago I received a message from a young lady who wanted to see if I could help her come to terms with some events in her past and how to move on from this. She had seen me speak a couple of weeks before at an event and felt she wanted to reach out to me. She was very happy with her current situation; she had a blossoming career in the NHS, an amazing husband and a beautiful little boy. Her life was as she always wanted it, she just needed to let go of some demons.

The session was very laid back and pleasant. I let her open up about what she felt was holding her back and by the end of our session she felt she had the tools she needed to move forward. Much to my delight she informed me some weeks later things were on the up and she had even found out her family was expanding as her and her husband had found out they were expecting twins! I was extremely happy for her – to leave a client in such a blissful place was an amazing feeling.

A few months later I was devastated to discover that this lady had become critically ill during her pregnancy and had sadly lost one of her twin boys – just to add to it she had delivered them both very early and her other twin boy was now fighting for his life. I kept watch over the coming months for updates as to how she was getting on and reached out a couple of times just to let her know I was here. This family’s battle was always at the back of my mind.

Six months later I was two days away from my second Ignite Your Inner Potential event when out of the blue this lady messaged me and asked if I believed she would benefit from the event. Well yes absolutely!! I was aware her little boy was now at home and had some major health issues. I was aware she had made some major decisions to change her life to accommodate being able to put her children first, but I always wondered of the impact this had on her as a person trying to cope with the trauma of the last few months. I was incredibly happy she had made this decision to come to the event.

On the morning of the event she had arrived an hour early and we were able to spend some time catching up. I was surprised at how calm and relaxed she was as we discussed how her little boy was and things were now progressing in her life. One of the last things she said to me before everyone else arrived for the event was ‘Kul, I want to share my story. I want to use my situation to help other people.’ I simply said to her ‘You will.’

During the course of the day I saw a very different person to the confident young lady I had seen only a year ago. As the room began to fill she became very tense. Her head was down, eyes were down, she didn’t speak very much and during the breaks she seemed to disappear as if to avoid contact with people. When she was in the room she smiled politely at people but you could see this was having quite an impact on her nerves. By the afternoon I could see something remarkable happening. I almost felt like she was starting to let go. As the event drew to a close in the only way I know how, with some Bhangra of course; I took her hand and led her to the stage where for twenty minutes she stood with other people and started getting into the music. Yes, she was being herself and finally letting go.

Whilst going through the feedback forms the following day I noticed she had enquired about some one to one coaching but I also couldn’t get out of my head what she had said to me the day before, ‘Kul I want to tell my story.’  I knew this lady could inspire. I knew this lady had a powerful story and I knew she wanted to share it. She just needed the right opportunity and the right guidance. I had to give her that platform.

The following evening I gave her a call and was delighted to hear she had found the event very powerful and this was actually the first time she had ventured out since having the twins. ‘I want you to speak at my next event.’ Silence. ‘Are you serious?’ Well of course I was serious! ‘I know you have it in you to do it and I want to give you that opportunity. Are you in?’ To say she was blown away is an understatement. I could hear how much this meant to her and I knew she was going to be amazing.

A few weeks later we were sat together to begin her Immersion Coaching Day. I sat and listened to her telling me how much things had changed in the last few months. She had quit her job and career to be the parent she wanted to be for her boys, she had lost a lot of confidence, her relationships were fraying, she carried a lot of guilt about what had happened and her anxiety levels were completely over whelming her. But yet at the same time there was so much she wanted to accomplish. There was so much determination inside of her and so much passion for what it was she wanted to do. After 9 long hours I saw a very different lady leave the room to the one that had entered and this time she was armed with a plan.

Life with her son continued to go up and down. She faced many challenges with her husband as they did their best to pull their children through some horrendous times but yet still she worked from her road map and continued to alter her action plans as her ideas continued to adapt.

Then the time had finally arrived. She was about to speak for the first time. We spent the night before going over some speaking techniques and how to utilise the stage and I could see how nervous she was. Honestly, I was nervous for her. But I had made the decision when I created Ignite Your Inner Potential that this was going to be a platform for anyone that had a message, anyone that wanted to inspire and anyone who just needed that break and opportunity. Some people thought I was nuts! But don’t we all need that someone who is just willing to believe in us? Don’t we all need to start from somewhere? Her talk went down so well. The feedback she had was amazing. She utilised everything I had taught her and had created a moment for everyone in that room including herself. This was definitely a turning point for her.

A couple of months later I reached out to see how she was getting on. Life was a challenge for her and her family but she said to me ‘Kul, we go through good patches and bad patches and although I am still struggling at times, if I still had all those limiting beliefs and had not gone through those structures and strategies with you, I don’t know where I would be right now. Thank you for what you do’ As a coach to see a client transform their life is an incredible feeling, but to see a client go through trauma and pain like this lady and yet still find the strength and passion to continue on her mission was just mind blowing. To know I had been a part of this was a privilege.

Her next goal was to adapt and grow her speaking skills and she attended my Create and Speak course where I saw her go from a lady with a powerful story to a confident and powerful speaker delivering incredible value and speaking with confidence. She didn’t just want to tell her story anymore, this wasn’t about her letting go anymore – she wanted to give value and make a lasting impression. She wanted to use these skills and techniques to also feel more comfortable and confident when talking to people. I later discovered this was because she was in the process of setting up her own VA services for business owners and she wanted the confidence to find clients and truly show what she was capable of. Her business has now taken off and she is really developing in her role. As a knock on effect she feels she has found her identity and has found her feet which has enabled her to be more confident as a mother, a wife and as a person.

I do what I do to be able to leave a positive impact on people’s lives. I want to change the world through the transformation of people; whether that is through my coaching, my courses, events or my speaking. If I can walk away from a person feeling like, yes I have gifted that person with the tools to change their life, then I know I am fulfilling my purpose. As a coach we are in a blessed position to share someone’s journey with them and give them techniques, tools and strategies to allow them to change their lives.

Ultimately it is down to the individual to utilise the strategies shown, but as this client has shown me, through determination and passion anyone can find their purpose and use it to ignite that potential within them.